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(207) 228-2025


Market House Coffee is fortunate to be located on the second floor of the Public Market House with exposed brick walls, tin ceilings and a spectacular view of Monument Square in downtown Portland. It's a warm and comfortable setting with a bar and stools, couches or tables and chairs where you can relax with a book, a computer or friends and enjoy your coffee and pastries.

coffeeWe offer a full-service espresso menu and brewed coffees from Rock City Coffee Roasters located in Rockland, Maine. Along with a complete line of espresso drinks such as lattes and cappuccinos in the Italian coffee tradition, Market House Coffee also offers drinks from the Hispanic tradition such as cafe cubanos, cortados and submarinos.

Market House Coffee also offers a wide variety of hot teas including herbal, black, green and Chinese teas from Teas of Cherryfield, Twinings, Yogi and Yerba Mate. Our hot chocolates include milk, white, dark and Aztec hot chocolates, a customer favorite. We also serve cold drinks such as iced coffee, iced tea, Italian sodas and even Shirley Temples and Roy Rogers.

For pastry items Market House Coffee is proud to carry Katie-Made Bakery, Bomb Diggity Bakery & Bam Bam Gluten Free pastries, and also biscottis from a Bar of Chocolate.


Market House Coffee is a proud partner with Rock City Coffee Roasters in Rockland, Maine, who supplies Market House Coffee with its coffee beans for brewed coffee and espresso drinks. Established in 1992, Rock City Coffee is one of the State's oldest coffee roasters and certainly its beans are of the highest quality you can find in Maine. Rock City offers regular beans as well as fair trade and organic varities, and as a business supports the arts, education and humanitarian efforts throughout the world. For our part, we just love the coffee!

Market House Coffee offers drinks and pastries to eat in, take out and also coffee in bulk from over 20 bins!

Bill the Beer Guy

28 Monument Square
Portland, ME 04101
8am-7pm Monday thru Saturday
10am-5pm Sunday